Video Streaming Forum 2018 Thailand


Brightcove presents Thailand Video Streaming Forum 2018 featuring the The Future of TV and Online Advertising. Learn about the latest industry OTT and advertising trends that impact media companies, publishers and advertisers. 

The explosive growth of over-the-top (OTT) video has given consumers more content and more viewing options than ever.

For media companies, attracting viewers is just one part of the equation. Understanding their expectations when it comes the viewing experiences, payment preferences, how peer recommendations impact content consumption and spotting the churning points - are all crucial parts of the formula. Learn more as we feature a special OTT research covering the Thai market.

For advertisers, will 2018 be the year that OTT services saves digital advertising? Advertisers know that OTT offers greater ad targeting capability to deliver the right ad to the right consumer, but there are many hurdles to overcome, and maximise the ad potential. Issues like brand safety spooked a lot of major global brands and publishers in 2017, and still needs to be resolved. Can the familiar environment of quality TV content combined with an addressable audience excite the agency ad buyers of Asia?  Do advertisers know if OTT audiences are more or less tolerant to ads?

These are just some topics that we will address at the Video Streaming Forum in Thailand on 20 June 2018.  Themed as “The Future of TV and Online Advertising”, this exclusive event will cover:

  • The Future of TV, OTT, Live Streaming and Advertising in 2018
  • Thailand OTT Research 2018 - Findings on OTT Subscriptions, Ads and the Churning Point
  • Extending Video Ad Campaigns Beyond Facebook and into Other Mobile Apps

Mr. Stephen Tracy, Managing Director for Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore at YouGov, , shares insights on OTT subscriptions, ads and the churning point based on YouGov's latest market research.  In his presentation, audience can learn more about consumers preferences for OTT streaming services,  how tolerant are they to ads and the factors that would make them churn.

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