Youth Marketing & Engagement Conference Singapore


Can’t Wrap your Head around Today’s Youth?

On social 24/7, content at their fingertips. Fast. Selective. Decisive – Welcome to the world of today’s youth. The most accessible generation yet marketers are struggling to capture their short attention span and fluctuating tastes.

Getting it Right: Understand Today’s Youth and Win Them Over

Join this 2-day conference to hear how leading brands get into the minds of today’s 16-25 year olds and stay plugged in with the latest youth trends. Deep dive into youth values and attitudes and navigate the ins and outs of their digital consumption habits. Find out how to create fresh and authentic content that the young crave. Discover best practices in social media engagement, influencer marketing and co-creation to grab and sustain youth attention.

Programme Highlights

  • Millennial Codes: Getting into the Minds of Today’s Youth
  • Addicted to Social Media? Insights on Youth’s Digital Behaviours
  • What NOT to Do When Engaging Youth
  • How Mediacorp Innovates Its Youth Engagement Strategy
  • Meet Me Where I am: How to Connect with Youth on Social Media
  • Nailed it! Content Marketing Strategies to Spark Youth’s Interest
  • How to Tap on Social Influencers to Reach out to the Young
  • Two is Better than One: How to Co-create with Youth
  • From “Meh” to “Cool”: How to Come Back on Youth’s Radar
  • How to Use Social Listening to Stay Plugged In with Youth


Jake Gammon, Head of Omnibus at YouGov Asia Pacific, will share his insights on youth's digital behaviours. Leveraging YouGov's latest research data, we will look into youth's digital consumption habits, analyze their decision-making journey, investigate what type of content would make youth tick, explore social media and youth slangs all marketers need to know, to help audience understand what do youth want from brands. 

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